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American, b. 1973

2003 MFA, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia
1999 MA, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1995 BA, University of California, Santa Cruz

2011 No More Heros, Andrew Rafacz Gallery. Chicago, IL
2011 Heros and Villians. Rosamund Felsen Gallery. Santa Monica, CA
2006 No Asylum Here. The Suburban. Oak Park, IL
2006 Remain in Light. The Suburban at Illinois State University. Normal, IL
2005 New Paintings. Rosamund Felsen. Santa Monica, CA
2004 Ransom Notes. Rosamund Felsen. Santa Monica, CA
2003 Sing Your Life. California Institute of the Arts. Valencia, CA
2002 Cosmetics’. California Institute of the Arts. Valencia, CA
1999 ‘Triptychs’. 7th Floor Gallery. Madison, WI

To Tell the Truth, curated by Joe Pflieger, Monya Rowe Gallery, New York.
Next Art Fair, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, IL

Angels. KunzVisGonzales Gallery. Chicago, IL
False Positive: Andrew Falkowski and Joe Pfleiger. Andrew Rafacz Gallery. Chicago, IL
Landscape, Portrait, Still Life. Hungry Man Gallery. Chicago, IL

Schools Out: Group Show. Marmiom Catholic School for Boys. Aurora, IL
PULSE art Fair: Rosamund Felsen Gallery. Miami, FL
Fest Fest Auction. Julius Caesar Gallery. Chicago, IL
Gimme Baby Robots 2009. Traveling Show. Chicago, IL
Andrew Falkowski and Phil Vanderhyden. Hudson-Franklin. New York, NY
Andrew Falkowski and Karl Erickson. Suburban Gallery. Oak Park, IL

This Shadow is a Bit of an Ideology’. Gallerie 400. Chicago, IL
Frontroom Space. St. Louis Contemporary Museum. St. Louis, MO
Magnificent Bastards: Age of Empires. Kristi Engle Gallery. Los Angeles, CA
Andrew Falkowski and Jason Loebs. Kavi Gupta Gallery. Chicago, IL

Magnificent Bastards: Art of War. Hi Energy. Los Angeles, CA
Group Design. MK12 Gallery. Kansas City, MO

LAART fair. Altman building. New York, NY.
18 Emerging Artists. House of Compari . Venice Beach, CA
26th Annual LACE auction. Hollywood, CA

Speech/Pattern. Standard Gallery. Chicago, IL
We’ve Moved. The Armory. Pasadena, CA
Other Victorians. California Institute of the Arts. Valencia, CA

Mid-residency Show. California Institute of the Arts. Valencia, CA

Group Show. California Institute of the Arts. Valencia, CA
Beehives. Coach house Gallery. Chicago, IL
Instant Happiness. Can Gallery. Chicago, IL

Multiples. NFA Space. Chicago, IL
Slop Brand Art. Traveling show (Wisconsin, West Virginia, Ohio)
Wouldn’t It Be Nice. The Sunbeam. Chicago, IL
Wish You Were Here. Embassy Suites. Chicago, IL
2 Men in the Murder Room. The Murder Room. Chicago, IL
Sparkle Plenty. Commonwealth Gallery. Madison, WI

Slop Brand Art. Slop Gallery. Kansas City, MO

Sniff Our Glory. 7th Floor Gallery. Madison , WI
The Best of the $25 Show. Beret Gallery. Chicago, IL

Dysfunctional. Blue Note Gallery. London, UK

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